me and myself

me always want to change for good. however my heart and my determination is not strong enough. i tried, i try and i will try. never lose hope and never lose faith in ALLAH cause ALLAH know what is ahead of me. =)



am i the only one who notice this???

first, why my father is so impatient and angry at the moment?

for me, i think that he cannot tolerate the sickness anymore at that time so please be kind to him. stop all the talking please. i feel so sad to see the situation. =I

second, why my mom always say sorry???

cause she did not want us, all the children to treat her just like our grandma did. she is so nice but that feeling is more strong. so please understand her and give support. i can only scrutinize the situation from afar cause i am afraid i do have the power to tell her all this. i am just a child. but dear siblings our roles are important too. 

dear siblings, i love we and us. there is no you or me, just us. so please we altogether protect the special relationship cause we were born by our mother and father. love them and treat them nicely because ALLAH. be sincere towards each other. and this is my true feeling that i cannot tell you because i am only your younger sister. but please keep watching and see everything around us.and this is what i think. my opinion. my thought about us. 

love you all because ALLAH and ADDIN… =) may ALLAH bless us always.


just like the blog name, i had so much question in my life and there are a lot of reason why something happen in my life. for now just give me a reason and just a little bit is enough. i just love the song by pink, just give me a reason. huhu =)